Piper Cherokee, Richard Digrazzi

My Piper Cherokee

I own 1/5 of this airplane. Can you tell which fifth is mine?!

The Evektor Sportstar, Sport Pilot

The Evektor Sportstar

A fun and responsive airplane, and Sport Pilot eligible!

Over Shelter Cove, CA

Over Shelter Cove, CA

There are hundreds of miles of coastline like this, with spectacular sights to see.

Piper Super Cub. over Shelter Cove, CA

Out the window of a Piper Super Cub

Low and slow over Shelter Cove, CA

The Cessna 170, Rich Digrazzi

The Cessna 170

A true classic from the fifties. A classy ride!

Golden Gate Bridge, from above

Golden Gate Bridge, looking towards San Francisco and the Presidio

I never get tired of this view!

Citabria 7ECA, Training Plane

Citabria 7ECA

This venerable old trainer has made many new pilots. If you haven't tried tailwheel, it's one of the best ways to sharpen your stick and rudder skills.

The insides of a Citabria, looking back from the cockpit.