Learn to fly in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area


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Learn to fly in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area!

You’ll gain an entirely new perspective – literally – as you learn to pilot your craft through the air and become master of a dynamic and exciting environment! For those of you already rated, I am also a multi engine, instrument, and glider instructor. I have given over 1400 hours of instruction, out of over 7000 hours and 30 years of flying experience. I have flown for the airlines, for air tours, charter, glider and banner towing, and have the real world experience to show you how to be a competent and confident pilot! Call me today to find out more, at 650-207-6488. Or, email me at [email protected]

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San Jose, CA


I've flown with Rich for almost two years now. As a foreign trained pilot I received a US certificate based on my foreign PPL. Rich has helped me to "convert" to the US system and learned me how to fly the C172. Most importantly, his relaxed but efficient teaching skills helped me become a safer pilot.

Before I was "cut loose" we flew the Bay tour a few times together. For a foreign pilot, this is a huge challenge due to the intense ATC chatter. With Rich next to me, I eventually became familiar with ATC in the US and fly around Norcal as easy as I did in my home country.

Now that my foreign rating is about to expire, I've decided to pursue a local US license. I'm sure Rich will help me pass the checkride. And the instrument rating is next!

I can recommend anyone to hire Rich either as a student pilot or for a one-time weekend flight over the beautiful SF Bay area.

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William S.

Blue Springs, MO


Rich and I go all the way back to college together - back when I was in AFROTC, and Rich was training to be a glider pilot at Calistoga, and later went on to instruct there as well. Rich has always been a great pilot and a genuinely wonderful friend. I've flown with Rich in his gliders, in my Great Lakes Trainer, and in his Cherokee, and in all he was always a diligent pilot. And if Hawaiian Airlines let him fly their 767's, then I guess he's okay in my book. But that's also the only enigmatic part of Rich to me - why he doesn't go back to flying for Hawaiian Air. I would give my eye teeth to do that, and look even goofier (with no eye teeth) than I do now. I'm nearly tearing up now as I write this. I just cam back from Hawaii two days ago and saw all the beautiful Hawaiian Air fleet sitting there, wondering how many of those aircraft Rich had flown. Okay, I'm crying now.

But if Rich is willing to impart all that knowledge to students, then I would not look anywhere else for an instructor. You've found the best in him. When I got my private pilot's license in 1985, I had to look not only for good instructors and schools, but with integrity too - those who were interested in graduating me and not saying maybe I need a couple more hours here and there when I really didn't, just so they could milk a few more dollars out of me. I found that in Lou and Bud Fields over at Oakland Airport back when Milo had his aerial advertising business in the next hangar over. That school is closed now (even though I did find Lou there a couple years ago and had a great time reliving the past with him for a little). So it's nice to know Rich has picked up the torch so to speak, and my point is not only will you find a great friend in Rich, but you will also find excellent instruction with a wealth of experience behind it, and you'll find that integrity too.

William Spier

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James C.

San Jose, CA


I have been flying with Rich for about a year and a half now as one of his many student pilots. In the many hours and times we have been out flying, I have never seen Rich in any way jeopardize the safety, security, or integrity of any flight. Rich has always emphasized the importance of flying safely and always goes the extra mile to ensure that every flight is as safe as possible. I have grown excessively as a student pilot since I have been flying with Rich.

If anyone is looking at Rich as a potential instructor or leisure pilot, I strongly recommend you contact him because you can always rely on Rich to help you fly safely. He is highly experienced, and everyone will feel safe and secure with Rich as your pilot or Certified Flight Instructor.

Blue Skies!

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Toussaint C.

San Jose, CA


I've wanted to learn how to fly for years and never really got up the nerve or resolve until about a year and a half ago when a good friend of mine, Marc, treated me to a 40-something ish birthday present and took me out for a blissful ride in Rich's plane to take in some gorgeous views of SF Bay, the peninsula and Half Moon Bay. We settled down for a late afternoon snack in HMB, filled up the gas tank and took another tour before we brought the plane back into the hangar.

Now I get it! ANd I'm glad I finally got the guts to try it.. What a thrill! And as nerve racking as it was in one sense - because it's nothing like sitting on JetBlue or Southwest in this 4-seater with all the knobs and dials and gears and do-hickeys and jonson-rods and talking to the tower over breaker check check copy that ... and looking around to make sure a bogey doesn't come out from your blind spot....

I don't know how he does it but Rich was unflappable and just real cool when it came to handing me the controls and letting me take the plane for a spin.

It reminds me of how another buddy of mine, Tom G, talks about the thrill of motorcycling on his new bike down to San Luis Obispo all dialed-in while gliding down the windy highways - very focused but freeing at the same time.

So I tell the story because I was really hesitant when the time came to even go on the plane ride - as if dreaming about it was good enough but the thought of actually doing it was a stretch. And, truth be told I thought about backing out. Part of my doing it had to do with birthday resolutions and all (ya' know bucket list type stuff) - the other part had to do with my comfort level with Rich's personality.

He's a good easy going but very intelligent instructor and he immediately helps you feel like You Can DO This. He breaks things down so you don't get intimidated at first., Rich is just a cool pilot and a great instructor and you can tell he just loves his craft - in both senses of the world. If he was a doctor he'd be the guy still making house calls. And when you get introduced to the joys of flying that way - its a beautiful thing.

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Vib L.

Sunnyvale, CA


Rich is an experienced instructor, pilot, has the passion for what he does, very knowledgeable, friendly, and great to work with. He flexible with schedule. He is my current instructor and thus far I have no complaints at all.

In particular his instructing style is such that the student is more receptive to improving his/her piloting skills both in the sky and on ground. I highly recommend Rich both as an instructor and as a pilot.

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Bruce L.

Saratoga, CA


Rich is a top notch flight instructor and also a genuinely nice guy. I began my tailwheel endorsement with Rich last August and finished up at the end of December.

Rich walked me through the transition with great ease and his patient humorus manner was a huge plus; when after 19 or more years of being a "Nosewheel Pilot" I all of a sudden was a no skill begginer once again.

Rich's many years and wide variety of Piloting skills were surely the difference in helping me achive the confidence and skills to become a new tail dragger pilot even during my senior moments.

Rich is a person who is very dedicated to helping his customers achive their aviation goals whatever they may be; while relating to each of them as a pleasant and gracious friend who is there to help them.



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Pierluigi R.

San Jose, CA


Rich is great. I've flown with 10+ instructors in the last 3-4 years both in Europe and here in the US and he's definitely in my top 3. Many of them actually care more about collecting flight time (so they can move on to cooler jobs) than instructing -- he's not, he already has lots of fight hours.
He flies safe and he's one of those people who always know the most effective way to explain complicated stuff so learning becomes very easy. Definitely recommended.

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Stephane D.

San Jose, CA


I went on my first flight with Rich exactly a year ago from today. Rich is really professional and cares about the details. I felt very safe flying with him and that inspired me to continue my flight lessons. Today I'm a pilot and I still enjoy flying very much..
I would recommend you give Rich a try - you won't regret.

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Zia S.

San Jose, CA


Awesome flight instructor. Meticulous. Taught to me fly a taildragger. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Erich S.

San Jose, CA


We just recently went on a flight with Rich over the SF Bay. It was awesome. When we got to the San Carlos airport at the agreed time, Rich was already there waiting for us. He brought some nice headsets for us so we can listen in to his conversation with the towers throughout the flight (it was really interesting and seemingly effortless for Rich - this is one area where you can see the difference between a pro and an amateur). Before takeoff he went over the checklist with us and explained exactly what he was doing - since we asked to know. The flight itself was beautiful (the weather was spectacular) and really smooth. Throughout our time in the air Rich would explain what he was doing and answer all our questions. It was a great experience and we felt in extremely good hands with him. We definitely will do it again soon. Thank you Rich!

P.S. Rich is also a very funny guy and his humor took away any nervousness before the flight.